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Soothe Teething Pain with Amber

Some babies have problems when first teeth start to come through their gums.

Coleen McEntyre first noticed her baby daughter, Mckenna, suffering from the age of about 3 months when her teeth began to appear. Painful gums, flushed cheeks, irritability and an increased tendency to wake up at night crying were all evident.

Anxious not to resort to routine use of pharmaceutical solutions for her daughter she was intrigued when a friend recommended an amber teething necklace. “Within a day of my putting the necklace on Mckenna, her temper had calmed and she became much more peaceful,” says Coleen. “I really notice the difference because if I take it off her then within a day she’s back to how she was.”

Amber is fossilized resin, traditionally prized for its beauty and its healing properties. Good quality Amber contains oils with analgesic, calmative and anti-inflammatory properties and it’s tiny amounts of these oils that are said to be released by the skin’s warmth into the bloodstream. Amber teething necklaces are a tried and tested remedy for baby teething problems in many countries in Europe, where you will find them stocked in local pharmacies. In the UK they are less well known, so if you can’t find one locally you may have to buy one on the internet, which is what Coleen did. A number of companies sell them, obviously designed to be child-safe.

“Amber teething necklaces are great for providing natural pain relief whilst avoiding the need for medication and chemicals.” –  says ASNH President, Hermann Keppler. “I know that they work because they’re a frequently used remedy in Germany, where I come from. However, we are all individuals and as with any remedy, it may work better for some than for others. If your baby isn’t soothed by the necklace then I suggest that you visit a homeopath who will work out a specific remedy for your baby’s individual type. And when baby is ready to cut his or her teeth on something, I advise that you DO NOT choose a plastic teething ring! Although manufacturers of toys and teething rings have been asked to remove harmful phthalates from their products, I still wouldn’t recommend plastic. In my opinion an organic carrot or a crust of organic bread is a simpler and healthier option for babies to chew on!”

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