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ASNH is a well-established school that trains future and established health professionals in natural therapies. Together with its sister college CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), ASNH is one of the leading colleges for natural therapies.

Recruitment / Sales

Clearwater – Full time

ASNH is looking for a stable and effective person who has an interest in natural health to sell professional on-line health courses.

Contact Name: Hermann Keppler
E-mail: [email protected]

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 We are looking for you, who would like to sell and represent a great and appreciated training service and who already has demonstrated, from current and past positions, that you are willing to work hard to achieve real and measurable results in a consistent manner. You want to know and be professional at what you are doing and even if you cannot be that from day one you are used to have that as your standard. If you are that person we have possibly an interesting opening for you.
If you really like to help people, if you like to see your clients winning, if you can be stably dedicated to assist our clients and prospects to get the correct package of the on-line training they need to be successful practitioners, then you might be the person we are looking for.
We value you who is persistently willing to help people, making clients satisfied and who is looking for a position you can hold for a considerable time. We are a small team and thus it is important that you have a proven record of being able to do the job as well as cooperating well with others.
Your main duties would be to keep improving relations with our already existing students and helping them to get whatever services they really need, as well as introducing new interested people. You will not be required to travel but can do all functions from your desk in the office.
Even if you don’t have any experience in the health industry but the description of the person who we look for fits you, please apply. If you are willing and able to produce you will get the training, you need.
You will be compensated through a basic salary and additionally rewarded for achieved results.
Does this sound interesting for you?

Contact Name: Hermann Keppler
E-mail: [email protected]

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