Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is natural health?

Natural health is an umbrella term which includes a variety of different types of natural healing modalities. Unlike orthodox medicine, natural medicine does not only focus on symptomatic relief, but also investigates and addresses the underlying causes of imbalances in the body. A Natural Health Practitioner uses nutrition, herbal medicine and various other modalities to encourage the body’s natural tendencies towards balance, health and healing.

What is unique about ASNH?

ASNH is based on the European system of natural medicine education. It is an extension of the prestigious College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). ASNH is a leader in the field of natural medicine education. We focus not only on academic excellence, but also assure that our students regularly get practical advice. This ‘learning by doing’ methodology cements learning and builds confidence.

What are the admission requirements?

We welcome any applicants who have an interest in natural health. The prerequisite for admission is a high school diploma or equivalent.

What are you system requirements?

• Wifi or Ethernet-based internet connection
• Windows 8+, MacOSX 10.7 +, Android 4.4+

If I don’t have a background in science, will this course be too difficult?

Our training program has been uniquely developed to assure anyone can become a safe, confident professional. The Biomedicine course taken first, will make sure you have a good understanding of the human body, while learning important natural tools to help get and keep the body in balance. We have students of all ages, from across the world, studying our courses. Visit our testimonials page to read what some of them have to say about their experience with ASNH.

How can I enroll?

You can easily and quickly enroll online, over the phone at 813-445-4202 (Mo-Fr 9am-5pm), or in person with one of our course consultants.

What kind of career options do I have after I graduate?

We are proud to say that more than 80% of our graduates end up working in the natural health field. There are a lot of other possibilities: working in health food shops, spas, fitness and health centers, joining force with other therapists, being a consultant to supplement companies, catering holistic food, teaching others about natural health, becoming a health advocate/journalist on the internet, radio and/or TV; these are just a few of the things our graduates become involved in. Our training program gives you the foundation you need from which to jump-start your career in the field of natural health.

When can I start?

New online classes are starting every month. The sooner you enroll, the earlier you are achieving your goal to become a natural health professional.

What are the tuition costs?

ASNH offers payment plans depends on how you would like to pay. For more information on tuition costs visit our Payment Options or contact us.

Can I become board certified with an ASNH Diploma?

Yes, once you graduate from ASNH, you will be eligible to sit a board exam with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and upon passing, will become board certified.

Can I study 2 courses at the same time?

No, Biomedicine and Nutrition Consultant cannot be studied concurrently. It is not recommended as a lot of the material in Nutrition Consultant builds upon the knowledge gained in Biomedicine. If you have the extra time to do 2 courses concurrently, simply focus on one course at a time and complete it in half the time.

Do you offer financial aid?

We offer financial assistance by allowing our students to pay their tuition in monthly installments for the duration of their course. We do not offer any grants, scholarships or other types of federal aid directly. It is up to prospective students to apply for these.

How are examinations done?

There are practice exams and exercises throughout each course which are done by the student on the computer or by printing out the worksheets. Once a student has fully completed all study assignments for a course, a final exam will be scheduled. A final exam is done online and will be timed and monitored to ensure a high standard.

Is there a tutor available in case I need help?

Yes, as soon as you enroll, a tutor is assigned to you who will help you with any questions or problems you may experience throughout your studies.

How long do I have, to complete a course and what if I need more time?

You will have access to a course until you complete it. The advantage of an online course is that you can study at your own pace and review, re-read and re-watch all the material as often as you need. There is no requirement for you to finish a course by a certain time, so there is no way for you to fall behind. You will be able to log in and access all your study material online, from wherever you are in the world.

How many hours do I have to study every day?

Our courses are entirely self-paced. However, the suggested duration for our courses is based on about 1-2 hours of study per day. Every student is different of course; some need fewer hours, others need more. We want our students to study for complete understanding and not speed. The more time you can spend studying for your course, the sooner you will finish.

Can I transfer my credits to ASNH?

Yes, some of your credits may be transferable to exempt you from certain modules or courses. If you have a degree in nursing for example, you may be able to use your credits in A&P (anatomy & physiology) to be exempted from Biomedicine. Send us your transcript and our academic board will review it promptly.

Can I transfer my credits from ASNH to a college/university?

Normally colleges and universities accredit former studies and should allow you to transfer your credits. However, this is up to each college/university to decide. Most institutions are more than happy to accept new students and will work with you to secure your enrollment.

Can I skip Biomedicine and start with Nutrition Consultant right away?

Biomedicine is a prerequisite to Nutrition Consultant. It is important that you get a thorough understanding of how the body works (anatomy & physiology), infectious diseases, differential diagnosis, and red flag symptoms. Furthermore, as a professional out in the field you will also interact with doctors, medical terminology, tests, etc. and you comprehension of Biomedicine ensures you can competently deal with these. However, if you already have a qualification in Biomedicine then you may be exempted from it upon submission and review of your transcript.

How will I get practical experience?

Our entire training program was designed with practical application in mind. You will also gain experience by watching filmed case takings as well as taking your own cases at home and sending them in for marking.

When I graduate from an ASNH program, will I be qualified to sit for licensure in my state?

Each state or country has different requirements for whom may qualify for licensure. Check the laws of your state, or the Council of Holistic Health Educators website on state policy and laws.

What can I call myself after I graduate?

You can call yourself a Nutrition Consultant or Health Coach. Depending on the country/state you live in, you may also (or need to) call yourself otherwise.

How does a Nutrition Consultant compare to a Dietitian?

A Nutrition Consultant focuses on the healing power of whole/organic foods and knows that vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes are more important than counting calories. He is also aware of the importance of cleansing and detoxification, as only a detoxed body can perform optimally. As a Nutrition Consultant you have answers to conditions such as obesity, low energy, diabetes and most of other diseases. You would not treat a symptom, but the whole person by searching for the source/cause of the disease.

Does ASNH offer a degree (BSc)?

No, we offer a Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma on a Consultant and Master level.