12 cell salts

Regenerate with Cell Salts

12 Cell Salts to Improve Your Health

Dr. Schuessler concluded that different minerals and rations were vital for the integrity and functioning of individual organs and parts. Mineral deficiencies represent the lowest possible common denominator disease.

To stay healthy and get well, the body needs certain minerals, called cell salts or tissue salts. Cell Salts regulate the nutrient supply in cells and thus stimulate the self-healing effects. Learn on this course how everyday complaints can be alleviated.


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Healthy from within – feel completely well

Dr. Schuessler (1821-1898), founder of Cell Salts, discovered that the body consists of 12 mineral salts, called Cell Salts or Tissue salts. Cell Salts regulate the nutrient supply in cells and thus stimulate the self-healing mechanism of the body. Each organ and body part is made of different tissues and therefore of different Cell Salts or rations of Cell Salts. If the cell harmony is disturbed one feels unwell, body symptoms show up and diseases develop. Whether sensitives can appear and restless nights. People may get irritated and tense. Many everyday complaints can be alleviated sustainably or do not occur at all using Cell Salts.

12 cell salts

Learn more about Cell Salts

  • Analysis of inorganic mineral ash that remains after the human body is burnt, revealed that is was made up of 12 mineral salts.
  • These play a vital role in both the physical integrity and proper functioning of the organism as a whole.
  • Revealed that organs and parts of the body are made of different minerals and/or different rations of these minerals.

Discover the 12 Cell Salts for Your Health


No. 1: Calcium fluoratum

The Tissue Restorer
For muscles, circulation, varicose veins, skin & teeth. Restores and maintains tissue elasticity. Useful for the growing child & aging adult.


No. 2: Calcium phosphoricum

The Cell Restorer
Calcium phosphoricum supports growth and healing processes of bones and teeth for infants. It assists in the treatment of fractures and osteoporosis. For those who catch a cold easily.

No. 3: Ferrum phosphoricum

The System Purifier
Ferrum phosphoricum is helpful in all kind of infections in their initial stage. It is supportive in the treatment of acute inflammations, feverish conditions, fresh wounds, cuts and scratches as well as first-degree burns (e.g. sunburn).

No. 4: Kalium chloratum

Anti Inflammation
Kalium chloratum is helpful in inflammations of the mucous membranes, e.g. rhinitis, bronchitis, gastritis, colitis and cystitis. It helps especially in the second phase of inflammations when the disease manifests with clear symptoms like exudate.


No. 5: Kalium phosphoricum

The ‘Nerve Nutrient’.
Kalium phosphoricum helps find a balanced state of mind and stabilizes the nervous system. It is supportive in the treatment of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion and general states of weakness. It also supports the treatment of depressions.

No. 6: Kalium sulfuricum

The Skin Conditioner
Kalium sulfuricum helps relieve chronic inflammations and chronic skin disorders. It is supportive in slowly healing wounds and for enhancing the healing process of inflammations of the mucous membranes such as throat, conjunctiva and nose.

No. 7: Magnesium phosphoricum

The “cramps and pains” salt
Magnesium phosphoricum is helpful in the treatment of frequent cramps and spasms of muscles. It is supportive in the treatment of muscle pains e.g. menstrual pain, common tensions in the neck or shoulders and painful spasms in the gastrointestinal tract.

No. 8: Natrium chloratum

The “fluid balance” salt

Natrium chloratum regulates the balance of body fluids. It is helpful in gastroinstestinal complaints like diarrhoea and vomiting.


No. 9: Natrium phosphoricum

The “acid-base balance” salt
Regulates the acid-base balance and is helpful in the treatment of hyperacidity. It assists the metabolism in general and is supportive in digestive complaints like dyspepsia, flatulence, disorders in digesting fat-rich foods (stomach cramps, meteorism) and acid reflux.

No. 10: Natrium sulfuricum

The “excretion” salt
Supports the general detoxification processes and excretion of fluids. It helps excrete excessive tissue fluids and supports the function of the liver.

No. 11: Silicea

The “hair, nails and skin” salt
Silicea helps maintain the elasticity and firmness of hair and nails. It is supportive e.g. in case of brittle hair and nails, hair loss or irregular nail growth. Silicea strengthens the skin and connective tissue by enhancing their elasticity.

No. 12: Calcium sulfuricum

The “cleansing processes” salt
Calcium sulfuricum has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the growth of cells. It is helpful in case of abscesses, pimples, pustules and purulent processes.


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