Tips for Enjoying Your Summer

Tips for Enjoying Your Summer

This season brings lots of activities and fun holiday weekends, but with it there are the usual late nights, a little bit too much alcohol and the over-indulgence of food.

So, what is the best way to get through this season without feeling like a mess?

Drink Plenty of Water
This may seem obvious, but its the best way to avoid a hangover as alcohol dehydrates the body. For every alcoholic beverage you drink, try to have a glass of water. That should just about even things up. If you’re going to a BBQ another tip is to bring a plate of food that is yummy and nutritious with you. This means that you will at least be able to snack and indulge, but you have some nutritious goodies to balance it out. A great idea is a tasting plate full of vegetable crudités, nuts, seeds rice or spelt crackers with humus or avocado as a dip. Your host will also appreciate the fact that you’ve helped out.

Choose Alcohol Low in Preservatives
Especially if you are an allergy or hay fever sufferer. The sulfur that is used to preserve wine often causes a flare of allergy symptoms and can also cause headaches. Splurge an extra pound or two for the organic version of alcohol to limit any nasty reactions the next day.

Support Your Overworked Liver
Before you punish it with too much alcohol and food, make sure it is operating properly. Milk thistle is a great herb which protects the liver and it also speeds up the clearance of alcohol from the body. You may want to splurge on taking milk thistle for the month!

Eat Foods with Fiber During the Week
To keep you bowels regular so that the liver has the room to dump any toxins from the weekend into the intestine without getting reabsorbed. Eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies should do the trick.

So You Have a Hangover?
Oh well, its too late to do any holistic approaches now, but there are some great supplements you can take! A good B-Complex vitamin will get you feeling a bit more perky in no time, and a dose of a magnesium supplement will limit the DTs. Lots of water and a good afternoon nap should do the trick as well! Also go for a nice good quality protein meal and if you are craving fat, make it good quality omega-3 containing versions such as avocado, nuts, seeds and fish.

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