Suffering from Stiff and Painful Joints?

Painful Joints

Along with the season’s cold and damp wheather come the joint pain and stiffness for many. While older bodies are more susceptible to such, athletes and people who perform strenuous work also frequently suffer from these bodily aches (like painful joints).

Many quickly turn to over-the-counter drugs to mitigate the pain as much as possible. Unfortunately many such medications come with their own set of side effects. So why not use the natural soothing and relieving powers of essential oils to help ease these discomforts.

Add a few drops of a rubefacient essential oil, such as rosemary, black pepper or wintergreen, to a carrier cream or oil, such as almond oil, and apply as needed to affected areas.

The oils will be available from a good local health store. Use a maximum of 20 drops of oil per 100ml of carrier oil.

Rubefacient oils are those which stimulate local circulation and redden the skin. Massaging in the oils gives a lovely warm feeling that brings relief from stiff and painful joints that may be more commonly experienced by older people in colder, damper weather than in warmer, dryer seasons. The oils are equally comforting, however, against joint stiffness after playing sports or undertaking hard physical work.

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