Natural Holiday Health & First-Aid

Natural Holiday Health & First-Aid

It’s summertime and we’re all trying to soak up as much sun as we can.

Whether you and your family are traveling some place to vacation or you plan to enjoy your local attractions, here are some simple natural first-aid tips you can use to deal with some of the most common summertime ailments.

Travellers’ Tummy
Avoid travellers’ tummy by topping up your good bacteria with a probiotic for two to four weeks before you travel and then continue while on holiday.

Travel Sickness
Ginger is an absolute must in the battle against travel sickness. Grate half an inch of ginger with a teaspoon of honey into a mug of boiling water and sip when cool. If you have a history of travel sickness, try taking a zinc supplement for a week before you travel. If travelling by air, then manuka honey lozenges can help to prevent ‘ear-pop’ on take-off and landing. They also create a barrier to germs circulating on flights and calm and soothe dry mouth and throats in air- conditioned environments.

Try to avoid getting sunburned, but if you do, then try a tepid bath with three to four chamomile teabags for mild cases. Try applying aloe vera gel two to three times a day as it has proven pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties and is extremely effective at calming the skin. Get immediate medical help if you feel very nauseous, dizzy or start vomiting.

Beach or pavement cafes are prime sites for wasp and bee stings. For wasp stings, mix a teaspoon of salt with a few drops of vinegar for instant relief. For bee stings, remove the stinger carefully with tweezers, cut a raw onion in half, hold it to the sting for up to 15 minutes – this should provide immediate relief and help with the swelling. To keep other bugs at bay use a repellent with a citronella or tea-tree base.

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