Homeopathy for Mild Sunstroke

Homeopathy Mild Sunstroke

Sunstroke, or heatstroke (not to be confused with sunburn), is an illness caused by lasting exposure to very hot temperatures or dehydration.

It can also be triggered if the body’s own temperature regulation mechanisms fail to work properly.

Just a rise of a couple of degrees in the body’s regular temperature can have extreme effects on the way the metabolism works, manifesting itself as dizziness, fatigue, a headache, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, and muscle cramps, and the body cannot cool itself. The effects can damage organs, so seek urgent medical attention if symptoms are severe.

Avoid getting sunstroke by not over-exerting yourself in very hot temperatures, seeking the shade, wearing a hat, and drinking plenty of clean water.

For mild symptoms, take measures to reduce your temperature at once, such as lie in the cool with legs raised, take a cool bath, and sip cool water.

The homeopathy Mild Sunstroke

The remedy is Belladonna 30c, which is a fantastic aid to addressing the symptoms of mild sunstroke. Or, if the symptoms seem worse with movement and there is great thirst, then Bryonia 30c is more appropriate.

Homeopathic preparations, usually in pill format, are widely available in health stores across the US. Make sure that you buy the recommended potency (in this case 30c). They are delicate and need careful handling. Follow the advice on the pack. Whilst taking them, avoid coffee, mint, camphor, menthol and eucalyptus.


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