Home Remedies for Sunburn

Home remedies for sunburn

Striking the balance between getting enough sun to boost vitamin D production and being sun-smart can be tricky. We all have varying levels of pigment (melanin) in our skin which determines how quickly we produce vitamin D and how quickly we burn. Darker skin needs significantly more sunlight before producing vitamin D and also before burning.

UVB rays from the sun stimulate vitamin D and also sunburn. UVB can not penetrate through glass, although regular glass does not protect against sun damage and sunburn. Some sun exposure on bare skin in the early morning and late afternoon can boost vitamin D and help skin conditions such as eczema. Natural protection is preferred in the middle part of the day.

Sun induced skin damage happens surprisingly quickly. As home remedies for sunburn prefer zinc based sunscreens and natural sun protective oils such as Carrot Seed or Red Raspberry Seed oil, rather than the cocktail of chemicals in mainstream sunscreen. You can also use coconut oil to protect your skin. Keep exposure limited between 11am and 3pm. Stay in the shade and wear non-sheer protective clothing.

Boost vitamin D all year round with oily fish such as mackerel and sardines. Eggs and dairy are the main natural dietary sources of vitamin D for a vegetarian, so be sure to choose well, preferring organic and biodynamic wherever possible. Dairy products got to be hormone free. Mushrooms grown in sunlight like Chanterelle or Shiitake are good sources but be aware, supplementing or having vitamin D fortified foods is important for vegans/vegetarians.

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