Herbal Remedies For Your Eye Health

Herbal remedies for your eye health


  • Strengthens connective tissue that surrounds the veins around the eyes.bilberries for eyes
  • Has antioxidant properties and improves blood flow and oxygen to the eye.
  • Helps improve night-vision. This seems to be because bilberry contains a flavanoid called ‘anthocyanoside’ which may speed up the regeneration of the rhodopsin (the purple pigment that is used by the rods in the eyes for night vision).
  • Some research has shown that it can improve signs of retinol damage in those with diabetic retinopathy (disease of the retina).


Eyebright for eyesEyebright

  •  Protective effects on the eye.
  •  Can be helpful with mild eye infections.
  •  Can be helpful for mild inflammation in the eye and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid) although plantain would be helpful for this too. Constant eye infections can be a sign of toxicity / poor liver function. An eye bath with a little lemon juice may sting, but is very safe and effective for an eye infection. Always see your GP first to check any eye infections first – do not self diagnose.


Vitamin A is important so eat lots of carrots and red vegetables (beta carotone found in these converts Carrots for eyesto vitamin A (for most). Vitamin C is important as it is concentrated in the ‘tear’ film and is vital to protect against surface inflammation.

Vitamin C is important as it is concentrated in the ‘tear’ film and is vital to protect against surface inflammation.

Ginkgo biloba for eyes - Aiding circulation of blood to the eyesGinkgo Biloba

Aiding circulation of blood to the eyes.

Astaxanthin, Lutein and zeaxanthin

These are two carotenoids (substances in the same ‘family’ as beta-carotene) that are found in abundance in the retina and macula of the eye. They are thought to be protective of eye by filtering the harmful blue light that can damage cells in the eye.

Taurine (amino acid)

Like lutein and zeaxanthin, this is found in high concentrations in the retina and macula. It may also be protective due to its antioxidant effects. Take 500mg a day on its own or a lower dose as part of an eye formula.

MSM and Colloidal silver drops. Anti bacterial and healing.

Pine Bark has been shown to strengthen the capillaries in the eye.


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