Charcoal for Teeth – Ancient Secret to a Healthy Smile

Charcoal teeth. Natural Toothpaste Recipe

Not so long ago, ‘dentistry’ and ‘toothpaste’ was unknown in many parts of the world. People relied solely on nature to maintain life long health which included perfectly healthy teeth and gums.

Many people lived to be over 100 with their teeth perfectly strong, clean, white and devoid of plaque, infection or decay. What was their secret?

They used what nature provided them. Some simply brushed their teeth with twigs from certain plants. Others rubbed both teeth and gums with charcoal powder and then rinsed with salt water.

However, within a year of being introduced to the commercial toothbrush & toothpaste, many people end up in a dentist’s chair (for the first time in their life) and their teeth go downhill from there.

If you would like to improve your teeth and gum health perhaps following our ancestors is your ticket to a beautiful smile.

Natural Toothpaste Recipe: Place a small amount of natural toothpaste on your toothbrush, then lightly dip into charcoal powder and brush thoroughly. While brushing, do not spit out. When finished, hold in your mouth for a minute or two, release, then rinse your mouth out with warm salt water using Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt.

Charcoal helps to eliminate sensitivity and removes stains (like tea, coffee, red wine, nicotine). It also buffs and polishes your teeth plus absorbs, neutralizes and efficiently removes all manner of toxic poisons, infections and bad odors. Using charcoal powder could help keep your gums healthy, assisted by the antiseptic properties of warm salt water.

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