Cancer Causes

cancer causes

Cancer occurs as a result of genetic mutations.


Cancer and Smoking

Every 15 cigarettes you smoke cause a mutation that can become cancer

Cancer is the result of underlaying cause.

The cancer causes ultimately promote the mutations of multiple genes.

Tumour suppression genes become inactivated and new genes called oncogenes are formed that cause overproduction of growth factors and increases cell division (becomes uncontrolled and rapid).

Malignant cells are dependent on glucose for their own metabolism.

Malignant cells can only drow 1-2 mm3 without a blood supply, so undergo angiogenesis -> relevant to treatment!


Mutation: The change of genetic information (change in DNA sequence/number).

Mutagen: An agent that changes genetic information. Mutagens can be:

– Enviropmental hazards
– Chemicals
– Radiation
– Viruses
– Inflamation
– Detective Immunity
– Stress/ emotional trauma

Mutation can alter:

– Cell function
– Cell structure
– Cause cells to die

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