6 Tips to Support Your Adrenals and Nervous System

6 tips to support adrenals

We may not realize that we are overly stressed or that our nervous system and adrenals are beginning to suffer. High levels of pressure to perform at work as well as juggle the demands of study, family life and social life are considered causing stress. – That’s what we are made to believe. But what is stress really?

What is stress really?

To put it simple: Stress is – not being able to solve a problem. It could be a problem at work, in the family, not understanding something at school, not being organized or not being ethical. If one does a poor job, is cheating one way or another on a partner, not paying the tax as it should be etc., he puts himself to some degree under stress. You may have experienced a relief to some degree and felt less stressful after telling somebody that you caused a damage or that you did something you shouldn’t have done. In other words: Doing things one should not do is causing stress.

Sometimes one is not aware that he has been treated badly or is made wrong at work,  by a ‘friend’, the mother in law or a teacher. I have seen a 60 year old man becoming more alive after the death of his mother. The mother (the stressor) has been removed. She was controlling her son from childhood on by making him constantly wrong for 10’s of years. It was causing stress to her son every day.. The reason why people feel better when leaving home is that the stress causing environment is not there anymore.

How to solve stress?

Write a list of all the problems you have. Go over it over and over again. Start solving small problems first and work yourself up to the bigger ones.  It may takes month or even years to solve the big ones, but you should work towards it every day. Going for a couple of days somewhere, talking to a good friend, who is not making  you wrong can be of immense therapeutic power. To meditate or taking drugs does not solve your problem. You have to find a cause go to the root of it and solve it.

How to support your body?

Mental stress has a negative effect on the body causing adrenal exhaustion.  All body functions can be affected. I have seen the most severe health conditions turning on after stress. This includes heart attack, stroke and diabetes. In order for a body to ‘survive’ stress, he needs to be in good shape. A good diet and healthy lifestyle including some sort of movement is therefore of paramount importance.

Initial or milder symptoms of stress and adrenal over-stimulation can include:

o   Irritability, agitation
o   High blood pressure
o   Palpitations or racing heart
o   Anxiety
o   Fatigue
o   Insomnia or poor sleep
o   Digestive troubles – e.g. IBS-type symptoms
o   Headaches
o   Thyroid issues
o   Reduced appetite
o   Poor memory

o   Poor speech (can’t get words out effectively)
o   Always catching colds etc., infections
o   Hypoglycemia, cravings for sugary foods and stimulants such as caffeine
o   Muscle tension, causing problems such as back pain
o   Weight loss, or weight gain, especially around the abdomen
o   Swollen ankles
o   Increased PMS in women
o   Cortisol imbalances may affect testosterone levels so men may find their libido is reduced
o   Decreased sex drive

Later and more severe symptoms can include:

o   Chronic or severe fatigue, exhaustion
o   Dizziness, or a ‘spaced out’ feeling
o   Memory problems
o   Lack of ability to concentrate, ‘foggy head’
o   Severe anxiety, panic attacks
o   Depression, withdrawal
o   Increased allergic reactions to foods and other substances

o   Poor immunity, with inability to shake off infections
o   Impaired fertility
o   Thyroid problems
o   Complete collapse or ‘breakdown’
o   Thyroid issues
o   Shakiness / ‘nervy’

6 Tips to Support Your Adrenals and Nervous system

As well as what we eat, the right lifestyle practices are extremely important to cope with stress and to avoid over-stimulating the adrenal glands and nervous system. The following are some basic pointers.

o   Get plenty of good quality sleep.

o   Get regular exercise. Just like a healthy diet, exercise is vital for many aspects of our health. It can lower levels of the stress hormones such as cortisol, help to relax tight muscles, and increase our levels of endorphins – chemicals that give us a sense of well-being. Walking, swimming, a gentle jog, a dance class can be excellent types to relieve stress. It can be best to avoid more vigorous exercise such as spinning, fast running or squash if you are going through a very stressful time or suffer from adrenal fatigue, as these types of activities tend to further stimulate the adrenal glands.

o   Do something enjoyable for yourself. Set aside regular time to do something that you love and that makes you feel good, or try to find a hobby; and don’t feel guilty for spending time on yourself. Laughter in particular is highly stress-relieving.

o   Avoid bad news wherever possible. Reading and watching too much bad news is causing stress. Stay away from negative people or ‘friends’ who are not ethical. Build your stress free and positive environment. You don’t need to be good friend with somebody who is only giving scandals and bad news.

o   Work as much as you can. Make sure you love what you are doing. If your work is not full filling and you can’t change your job, follow a hobby. Enough rest time is of course important. But know this: Working means creating, doing something one needs. There is no greater joy as creation.  A finished picture, a completed project, the end of a workload is a sign of achievement. Children want to help and enjoy to contribute. Taking ones work away means having no future. So love what you are doing, make sure you do a good job and find time to rest too.

o   To rebalance can take some time. Make sure you eat well and solve problems as they appear. Have enough time for family and yourself. Drugs don’t solve a single problem. This includes alcohol. You can’t numb a problem you have with your partner or at work away. It can takes month or even years to solve a particular problem. But you can work on it, getting to the end every single day. I wish you the very best on your journey.

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