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Welcome to the American School of Natural Health

The American School of Natural Health (ASNH) provides natural health education based upon the European approach to natural medicine. Our goal is to offer unique, comprehensive and holistic programs in natural health and train competent, safe and passionate professionals. Our programs have been carefully designed to incorporate scientific understanding of the human body with traditional, natural methods of healthcare.

ASNH together with its sister colleges CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) in Europe and CNH (College of Natural Health) in South Africa, is one of the world's largest training providers for Natural Health, training thousands of students at any given time.

Our courses focus on the application of primary principles of naturopathic medicine:

  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae – The healing power of nature. There is a ‘vital force’ or ‘life force’ which given the right conditions, will self-heal or self-correct.
  • Prevention is preferable to cure
  • The root (underlying) cause of dysfunction is identified and treated, not the branches (symptoms)
  • The WHOLE person is treated – physically and emotionally
  • Health is much greater than just ‘absence of infirmity’ – it should be abundant vitality
  • The PERSON is treated, not the disease and each individual is unique and responds in a different way

Our methodology: We believe that knowledge comes from application. Therefore, all our courses have been designed to include both informative lectures and practical exercises. This provides students with a unique opportunity to begin using their new-found knowledge, helping to cement his/her learning and to encourage application in real-life.

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H. Bailey
If you think education is expensive ... try ignorance!

My nutrition principles for myself and my family are rooted in a deeply holistic manner which allow my body to heal itself from the cellular levels upwards. Having been studying Nutrition in my spare time for a few years alongside working offshore in the oil and gas industry, I decided to live completely by my principles – the only way of doing this was to quit my well paid, exciting but unhealthy stressful job and commence a course in Naturopathic Nutrition.

My experiences captured whilst travelling around the world either with work or for play have taught me much about how difficult cultures and traditions heal themselves through what they eat, how they heal with alternative practices and how they view disease. The healthiest most beautiful people I have met – prevent disease with nutrition rather than take drugs, are knowledgeable about the consumer-driven, medical mafia indoctrinating world they live in, drink plenty of water, eats lots of greens, allow their body to heal itself through cleansing and have regular alternative therapies.

My own experiences of taking herbs and not drugs and healing myself with food not poison has enlightened me on my journey. My personal motto is - treat the cause not the symptom.

It did not take any time for me to decide on which institution to study with – The reputation of CNM including its high quality syllabus and frankly awesome lecturers made it a quick and easy decision for me. I have just completed my first year of Biomedicine at CNM Bristol, emigrated to Florida, moved house, got married and am now continuing my Nutrition lectures! It has been a whirlwind that has been possible due to my knowledge of nutrition. By increasing my body’s alkalinity and allowing my digestive system to work optimally by correct food combining and cleansing, I have been able to do this whilst keeping stress levels minimal and keeping calm.

I am also the course consultant for the ASNH which is CNM’s sister school in the USA. The Florida based Headquarters is where I help students make the best decision of their lives! Organic food and eating well is not expensive. Eating non-organic ‘food’ and spending money on your health IS expensive. We have never paid so little for food as we do today, and never has it been run by so few companies and for such huge profit. Let’s take back out power, educate each other – These people have no power without us – The Consumer!

I’m going to dedicate my life to my family, loving, laughter, health and helping others become enlightened towards learning about how to have optimum health – away from drugs and power hungry industry. So if any other students or graduates want to set up a holistic detox retreat somewhere beautiful – let me know!