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The American School of Natural Health (ASNH) provides natural health education based upon the European approach to natural medicine. Our goal is to offer unique, comprehensive and holistic programs in natural health and train competent, safe and passionate professionals. Our programs have been carefully designed to incorporate scientific understanding of the human body with traditional, natural methods of healthcare.

ASNH together with its sister colleges College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) in Europe and College of Natural Health (CNH) in South Africa, is one of the world's largest training providers for Natural Health, training thousands of students at any given time.

Our courses focus on the application of primary principles of naturopathic medicine:

  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae – The healing power of nature. There is a ‘vital force’ or ‘life force’ which given the right conditions, will self-heal or self-correct.
  • Prevention is preferable to cure
  • The root (underlying) cause of dysfunction is identified and treated, not the branches (symptoms)
  • The WHOLE person is treated – physically and emotionally
  • Health is much greater than just ‘absence of infirmity’ – it should be abundant vitality
  • The PERSON is treated, not the disease and each individual is unique and responds in a different way

Our methodology: We believe that knowledge comes from application. Therefore, all our courses have been designed to include both informative lectures and practical exercises. This provides students with a unique opportunity to begin using their new-found knowledge, helping to cement his/her learning and to encourage application in real-life.

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Erin M.
NT Dip CNM mBant
I am now launching my practice in the US.

I trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine from March 2007-December 2012 where I earned diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy and Herbal Medicine.Many people have asked why I chose to go to London to study natural medicine and why I chose the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

In 2006, I was looking for a program that offered a curriculum which combined evidence based and scientific approaches to nutrition and health with traditional naturopathic healing modalities. I not only wanted a theory based education but also one focused on practical clinical skills training. I had taken and investigated a number of courses in the United States and none seemed to integrate theses aspects as well as CNM.

Since graduating, I have worked in a number of areas of the natural health industry. I have seen clients in private practice, I have lectured, I have consulted to a nutritional supplement company, and I have written articles published in a number of nationally circulated magazines and newspapers. I am now launching my natural health practice back in the US. I am proud to say that I am a CNM graduate and I am glad to see that Hermann Keppler, the CNM founder and president, has launched a similar high quality education program in the US at the American School of Natural Health.